Legal and tax due diligence

One of the services the Firm offers is performing legal and tax due diligence prior to mergers, acquisitions, obtaining companies their shares or their organised parts, as well as real estate purchases.

The purpose of legal and tax due diligence is to limit the risk an investor takes in the planned transaction. Careful analysis of a given business entity or real estate lets identify potential threats and devise preventive strategies in the earliest stages of negotiating terms.

As part of Legal and tax due diligence the Firm performs the following analyses:

  • corporate matters, including the aptness of agreements, statutes, policies, internal regulations, resolutions, board minutes, financial and business activity statements,
  • equity links,
  • assets, including real estate and property rights,
  • receivables,
  • court and administrative proceedings, debt collection,
  • tax proceedings and audits
  • agreements executed by the entity,
  • licenses and permits held,
  • employment related matters.


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